Bonus Terms

Terms not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in General Terms and Conditions of Use available at

The users of are hereinafter offered with a chance to win prizes as part of occasional tournaments, raffles, promotions or special offers for meeting/ completing a required achievement, set by and subjected solely to its auditing and supervision.

All Easter Raffle t   ickets are generated electronically, and do not have any physical form.

1.       Eligibility for Participation in the Easter Raffle

a. users who wish to participate in the Easter Raffle must comply with's General Terms of Use.

b.      All details provided during the registration process must be accurate and up to date prior to any bets and/or wins accumulated by the player.

        i.      If a player does not enter the real and accurate personal information at the time of registration s/he will not be eligible to participate in the Easter Raffle.   

c.       In order to participate in’s Easter Raffle, the user must be at least 18 years of age or over and be registered for “Real Money” play with

d.’s officers, directors, employees, agents, affiliates and/or members of their households are not eligible to participate in the Easter Raffle. All participants of the Easter Raffle must comply with said set of rules ("Easter Raffle Rules").

2.       Easter Raffle Procedure

a.       All participating players will be rewarded by a predetermined number of electronic regular Easter raffle tickets in various ways:

         i.      Deposit 10 €/£/$/(100)Kr in one time to receive 1 ticket.

         ii.      Deposit 25 €/£/$/(250)Kr in one time to receive 3 tickets.

         iii.      Deposit 50 €/£/$/(500)Kr in one time to receive 7 tickets.

         iv.      Deposit 100 €/£/$/(1,000)Kr in one time to receive 15 tickets.

         v.      Deposit 150 €/£/$/(1,500)Kr in one time to receive 25 tickets.

         vi.      Deposit 300 €/£/$/(3,000)Kr in one time to receive 60 tickets.

         vii.      Deposit 450 €/£/$/(4,500)Kr in one time to receive 100 tickets.

         viii.      For every 1,000 €/£/$/(10,000)Kr wagered to receive 1 ticket.

         ix.      First depositing players will get a single extra ticket upon successfully making their 1st deposit.

b.      Participating VIP players will also be rewarded by special Easter Golden VIP tickets in various ways:

         i.      When depositing a total of 150 €/£/$/(1,500)Kr in a day the player receives 1 Golden VIP ticket

         ii.      When depositing an accumulated 300 in a day to win 3 Golden VIP tickets

         iii.      When depositing an accumulated 450 in a day to win 5 Golden VIP tickets.

         iv.      For every 2,000 €/£/$/ (20,000) Kr wagered to receive 1 Golden VIP ticket.

c.       Each ticket will be automatically entered in the Daily Draw, held on the day it was issued. It will also participate in the Final Grand Draw.

d.      Tickets are non-transferable and are issued solely at’s discretion.

e.      Winners will be selected randomly from each draw and will be notified of their win by email. Winner’s cash prizes will be credited to their respective player account at within 14 working days.

f. reserves the right to change these procedures at any time and at their sole discretion.

3.       Additional Rules & Conditions

a.       There is no limit on how many tickets a single player can receive during the promotion.

b.      All regular tickets (not Golden VIP tickets) received on any given day will participate in that day’s lottery.

        i.      There are 10 daily lotteries during the promotion.  

c.       All regular tickets are valid for the daily lottery which takes place on the day they were issued and cannot participate in a lottery which takes place on a different day.

        i.      All regular tickets received during the 11 days of the promotion will participate in the Big Lottery, held on March 31st, 2013.

        ii.      A single regular ticket can win a daily lottery as well as the big lottery on the last day.

d.      All Golden VIP tickets will participate in the Golden VIP lottery which will also occur on March 31st, 2013.

e.      If a player uses another bonus code, unrelated to the Easter promotion, s/he will not be able to receive the fixed deposit bonus – as shown in clause 2a.

f.        Prizes are issued in the currency in which the wager/bet was placed. For example: a ticket won by depositing 10$ can win up to 500$ in the daily lottery, while a ticket won by depositing 10 Euros will win up to 500 Euros. For these purposes, 100Kr equals 10 €/£/$ – for eligibility as well as prizes. This means that the prizes appear as different numbers to people who use Kr as their currency of choice. A 1,000 €/£/$ prize will be a 10,000 Kr prize. Depositing 10 €/£/$ to win a ticket will be the same as depositing 100 Kr to win a ticket.

g.       A single player can win more than once in a single day or during the 11 days.

4.       Conditions for Receiving a Prize

a.       The Easter raffle tickets are non-transferable, non-assignable, and are designated for personal and individual use only.


b.      The player must verify that the personal information in their’s account is correct. Failing to do so will void your eligibility to receive any prize/s.

c.       How are winners determined:

        i.      In each of the 3 lotteries there is a fixed number of winners, regardless of how many lottery tickets have been issued to players.

        ii.      All winners will be selected randomly from all the eligible Easter tickets for each lottery.

        iii.      A single player can win more than once in a single day or during the 11 days of the promotion.

d.      How do players collect their prizes:

        i.      There will be a daily email announcing that day’s winning tickets. This email will be sent to all the players who have played at any point during the last 3 months.

1.       These emails will inform players which numbers won, but not which players won.

        ii.      To win, players must login, check their tickets status and click ‘COLLECT’ on any winning ticket. The prize is added to their balance.

        iii.      If the prize is not collected within 7 days, the player loses the prize.

e.      Each user hereby grants the right and license to use her/his name and/or picture as it appears on Facebook for promotional purposes in the event that she/he shall win a prize, including, among others, by way of posting such picture and using such name within the Facebook platform and on’s website, available at ("Gratorama’s Website"). In addition, users who win a Easter Raffle prize may be requested to provide her/his consent to be photographed, and in such event, the aforesaid license, according to Facebook’s Privacy Policy, shall apply also with regards to such photograph, as applicable.

5.       Amendments and/or Termination of the Easter Cards Raffle

a. reserves the right to amend or terminate the Easter Raffle promotion at its sole and exclusive discretion. In such event, all Easter Raffle Tickets obtained will automatically be rendered invalid.

b.      Should decide, at its sole and exclusive discretion that a user has failed to comply with any of the Easter Raffle promotion terms of use and/or’s General Terms of Use, reserves the right to terminate such user's participation in the Easter Raffle promotion. In such event, any of the Easter Raffle tickets then held by such user shall be rendered invalid.